Net Projections - "Prime Vendor" for Government Contracts

Your company may qualify to Sub Contract services/products for Net Projections.

Net Projections - Sub Contracting Clients


Submit you request to become a Net Projections Sub Contractor by completeing our SUB CONTRACTOR FORM. You will then wait for the selection process. Once accepted as a Sub Contractor we will contact you if/when your specific services/products are needed. Sub Contractors of Net Projections are limited to US Companies only.

Your Cost

There is no cost involved for becoming a part of the Sub Contracting family. After acceptance, once a contract opens within your scope of expertise, we will contact you for a quote for your services/products. Accepting or rejecting your quote is contingent upon fulfillment of a contract award to Net Projections.


We do require a contract between your company and Net Projections if a quote agreement is met. Services and or products must be completed or delivered in a timely manner in order to retain credibility and success of our company. This process is a "Win" for all parties concerned, your company as a Sub Contractor, our US Government and Net Projections.

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