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Net Projections specializes in professional customized web design and provides high quality, reliable hosting solutions. Rest assured that your Web Design and hosting with Net Projections is a totally hassle-free experience, your data is safe, your site is working properly, and you’re backed by the industry’s best customer support. Our specialized web site design will consist of a design from the ground up that will be exclusively yours.
We have over 21 years of experience developing successful professional web sites.

NP Options

  1. Design your own. - We will provide you with hosting and install software on our servers so that you may create your masterpiece.
  2. Custom Design - We will design a custom website with all the requirements you desire, to include hosting, domain name and updating throughout the year.

We offer world-class custom designs at a price affordable to professionals. We can provide one of the quickest turn-around times in the business. Don't settle for a template that is used by many other web designers today. Your organization deserves a unique and customized site that reflects your professionalism. You do not want to have a site designed then discover it has an identical look to several web sites on the Internet, thus eliminating your individuality.
All intellectual property and NP images belong exclusively to Net Projections.

Your Cost

Net Projections offers competitive pricing to potential clients. Tell us the specifications you would like for your web site and we will email or call with a quote. Cost is based on your requirements.

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